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Being a Volunteer Helper

Parents and carers are encouraged to help out during sessions on a rota basis. This helps maintain the high ratio of adults to children in our group, guaranteeing individual care and attention for each child. It also gives you the opportunity to take an active part in the group to see what happens there and to talk about it afterwards with your child. If you are unable to attend the session you will be asked to help out in other ways, for example by preparing craft activities at home (cutting out shapes, making playdough, etc), or by supporting fundraising events etc.

'Guide to being a Volunteer Helper'  

So, you are not quite sure what a Volunteer Helper does? Every new helper gets a full briefing at their first session and, of course, continued guidance from our friendly Pre-school staff. 

Your time and efforts as a Volunteer Helper are an invaluable asset to the Pre-school and will help maintain the quality of teaching and care that your child already enjoys. Feedback from previous volunteers indicates that it’s an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience.

If you can, arrive before the session starts on your first day to allow time for inductions and showing around. If you are unable to help on the day that you have stated, can you please advise us as soon as possible to allow us to find another helper. Where you have no choice but to cancel on the day, due to sickness for example, then please notify the Team giving 24 hours' notice, where possible.

Many aspects of the role are fairly informal; however, there are a few issues of safety and confidentiality that you must observe. 

For the safety of the children we ask that you:

1. Do not take any children to the toilet.
2. Do not allow your own child, or any other child, to go into the toy cupboard or kitchen.
3. Refer all accidents/incidents to a member of staff.
4. Ensure that all doors are properly closed with the chain in place, and/or alarm switched on. A full briefing on this will be given by a member of staff.
5. Do not let anyone into the building – if you hear the doorbell ring please refer it to a member of staff.

Please respect the confidentiality of any information you may learn about the children, parents, staff or other adults connected with the group.

Once you have volunteered your time, if you find you are unable to attend, for any reason, we would be grateful if you could let us know on the following number (with at least 24 hours’ notice):

07977721755 (term time only)

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