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Fees / Funding / Hours

Session Hours

Monday - Friday 9am-12pm (morning session)

Monday - Friday 12-1pm (lunch club session)

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 12-3pm (afternoon session)

with the option of all day, 9am - 3pm, Wednesday to Friday

We accept children from 2 years of age


2-year-olds - £5.95 per hour  **increasing to £6.66 per hour from September 2024

3 and 4-year-olds - £5.45 per hour  **increasing to £6.10 per hour from September 2024

Includes snack, milk, and water.


We accept both private and funded children.

The Time for Twos funding project is a scheme that offers 15 hours of free childcare education for eligible two year olds.

All 3-4 year old children in England are entitled to 570 hours of free early education or childcare per year. This is known as Universal 15 Hours funding. 

At Hanslope Pre-school these hours would be used over a 38 week (per year) period as we are a 'term time' setting.

We also offer spaces to children that are eligible for Working Parent Entitlement and the Extended Entitlement funding (Extended Entitlement is the 30 hour funding scheme available to eligible families).

Childcare Vouchers

We accept payment by childcare vouchers from many of the most popular providers. If you are registered with a voucher provider that you don't think we use, please let us know and we will subscribe.

We are also able to receive payment from the government Tax-Free Childcare scheme.

Application to Join Hanslope Pre-school

Hanslope Pre-school Prospectus 2023 2024

Hanslope Pre-school Prospectus 2024 2025

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