Management Committee

About Us

The committee is made up of a group of parents/carers of Pre-school children.

We are dedicated to and enthusiastic about the continued success of the Pre-school which we realise can only be achieved by working alongside the parents and the Pre-school staff.

We can be contacted through the Facebook page or the email address


Six key roles of the Management Committee

The management committee takes final responsibility for the Pre-school.  This responsibility is shared by each member of the committee.  The committee members need to ensure that:


  1. The Pre-school works effectively towards its aims as set out in its constitution, and that it has a clear sense of direction

  2. Money and other resources are:

    • managed properly

    • used to help the Pre-school work towards its aims

    • used for the purpose they were given

  3. The Pre-school is accountable to funders and members

  4. All activities are legal

  5. People working for the Pre-school as staff and volunteers are properly supported and managed

  6. The committee manages itself properly

Any committee member can act as the public face of the committee and represent the group at public events and meetings.

Current Committee Members


Debbie Watson - Chairperson

Gillian Glanville - Secretary

Lance Broomfield - Treasurer

Gemma McLellan - Ordinary Member

Rebecca Hall - Ordinary Member

Joanne Green - Ordinary Member

Our next Committee meeting is on Wednesday the 28th of April at 7:30pm via Teams.

Please contact: Carole Scott (Pre-school Administrator)


Gillian Glanville (Committee Secretary)


To join the meeting and receive and agenda, along with minutes of the previous meeting.